2014-01-18 14.11.06

The weather in the Bay Area has been truly stellar the past week. I cannot believe it’s mid January with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. To take advantage of the warmth and no kids this weekend, I pulled the chairs onto a sunny patch in the grass and enjoyed my book and cup of tea with the chickens. While my book, Song of the Spirits, is good, I found myself very distracted by the antics of the three girls…they are endlessly entertaining, as I’m sure anyone with chickens will tell you.

This reminds me that while cleaning up my son’s room yesterday, I found one of Cutie’s eggs tucked in among his art supplies. (I also found an egg on my gray chair with his stuffed snake coiled around to keep it warm earlier in the week.) I texted his dad to see how long it’s been in his room. His response was, “probably for a week or two…” That poor kid wants to hatch an egg so badly even though I’ve explained to him many times that we need a rooster in order for that to happen and even then the egg needs to be kept warm by the hen. But it got me to thinking that maybe this spring attempting to hatch some eggs might be a exciting experiment. Definitely need to look into that a bit more. I have a feeling I’ll need to order 10+ eggs and then what? Not sure the neighbors want to hear 15 chickens clucking around.


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