In need of a little love


The kids were off from school today to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I was happy to ease back into the week and a Valentine’s Day craft seemed like the perfect project for a lazy morning at home. I was inspired by this post from the Artful Parent. Here’s what we did:


First we drew some hearts in various Valentine-like colors with crayons. Sarah didn’t use much pressure so I think oil pastels would have been a better choice for really having the hearts stand out.


Then we used a wash of water colors over the whole piece of paper. I was trying to steer her in the direction of pinks and purples but big brother was busy painting a black and gold dragon so Sarah felt more inspired to go in that direction. And it worked out beautifully. So often I have a set idea of how a project should go and what the end result should look like and my kids always take me out of that comfort zone and show me it’s okay to let go. It’s about the process and enjoying watching my kids’ creativity shine.


After the paintings dried we put a thin coat of oil on the back to give the painting a beautiful translucent quality.  I didn’t really want an oily mess on my windows so I decided to freehand cut hearts and then strung them up on some red yarn. The hearts are hanging in the front window with the glorious winter light illuminating them.  Just the pick me up I needed to start the week.

Check out Frontier Dreams Keep Calm Craft On to see what others are crafting up this week.


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