Muddy Puddles


This morning we were greeted by the sight and sounds of rain! So much rain, that my dog won’t even go outside. I have to laugh at this because we call him our mountain dog since we adopted him while living in Colorado. Now he seems like an old curmudgeon who can’t even be bothered with the elements. While much of the country is covered in snow, this has been such a dry winter here in California. I’m not sure it’s technically a drought, but the hills are brown so this rain and all the puddles, mud, wet clothes and boots that are bound to happen are a welcome addition to our day.




In other news, I’ve had one of those weeks where the only things I’ve accomplished have had to do with the kids…and I’m not sure I’ve even done a great job with that. The weekend is almost here and hopefully I can carve out a little time for getting done what I want, specifically knitting and sewing. I have a bunch of ideas in my head…taking up too much space and they are itching to get out! My son asked me to make him a sweater after seeing his sister in her cozy pink one. They both hate wearing wool (must not be my children) so I’m making his sweater with some Lion Brand acrylic. Not my favorite material to work with, but the mere fact he wants to wear something I knit him…I say, “whatever you want, D.” It will be a seamless raglan from Knitting Without Tears. Just need to take a few measurements, do a little math and I’ll be ready to cast on tonight. Hopefully!



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