Rainy Day

It has been a wet and gray day around here. I don’t actually mind it too much. I love being at home. But sometimes, with the kids and in the midst of another 3 day weekend, it can be a bit exhausting keeping everyone entertained. We managed quite well today I think.



We spent part of the day down at the creek around the corner from our house,  which thankfully hasn’t flooded, much to the dismay of the kids. They had fun poking around and noticing the bridge we normal cross was completely underwater. I wouldn’t let Daniel go into the creek and he declared it was a pointless trip so when we got home he set to work in the backyard which has become one huge mud pit. Not sure what he’s doing back there, but he will be in need of a good shower, as any boy does after a successful day of playing.

2014-02-08 13.21.28


Sarah and I opted to bake some chocolate chip cookies. We were having a nice, quiet moment until Daniel showed up to eat some of the dough. I love the look on her face when she realized how much dough he took. He’s very greedy…I have no idea where he gets that trait! Sarah, in her own moment of greediness, set to work cooling the cookies by blowing on each one. Good thing we’re family.



This is the chickens’ first winter and first real rain storm. Most of the time they’ve been huddled against the back door which has led to a lot of chicken poop right when you step out back. It’s gross and I need to figure out how to prevent them from doing that. They are truly pathetic looking creatures when wet. Daniel came to their rescue and took pity on the soaked birds. It was so sweet to hear him talking softly to Pocahontas telling her not to be afraid.




Hope you all are enjoying a nice weekend with your family…


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