Knitting Up a Bunny (and a Mouse)

I had a really productive weekend knitting. I suppose that’s what a stormy three days spent mostly indoors will do. I’ve been knitting softies for my kids for many years now. We have quite a collection of dogs and bunnies. But I’ve always wanted to create my own pattern in the hopes of selling them in my Etsy store or if I really get my act together, writing up the patterns for selling. So I’ve been busy knitting up various body parts, perfecting how many increases I need, and finding the perfect placement for ears. Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience and pretty rewarding when you see a sweet face staring at you when finished. The ultimate compliment is that both kids are in line, waiting patiently for me to create one for each of them.



I’ve also made a bunch on progress on D’s sweater. I have the body knit up to the underarm and maybe a quarter of a sleeve finished. I have to say knitting in worsted and for a kid makes for a speedy, satisfying project.


What are you crafting this week? I’ve linked up with Nicole’s Keep Calm Craft On.


3 thoughts on “Knitting Up a Bunny (and a Mouse)

  1. Yes, I love it when the kids give their approval. That’s success! I recently had that experience sewing surprise ‘totoro’ hoodies for them for Christmas. I was worried they wouldn’t look like totoro to the kids… but they very much did! Even my 11 year old sings their praises. They are my biggest fans.

    and the kids knitting is fast and addictive. It’s hard to want to knit larger things. That said, my oldest kid is not the size of a small adult, and there is nothing to be done.

  2. What an adorable little bunny.
    Last year I had started knitting up little critters to use as part of our Christmas celebration. My son just found them stored in a bin last week (they didn’t come out this past Christmas) and has raided half of them for his room – and one for the cat 🙂 At least they are being appreciated.

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