Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny of Small Things today for her Yarn Along.



I picked up a few great books on our library trip last week. Romancing Miss Bronte fits right into my love of historical fiction and I found myself getting lost in the windswept Yorkshire moors. The Bronte family endured many tragedies, the father was the last to survive his wife and six children, so in some ways the book was a bit heavy. I remember last year hearning an interview with Bronte biographer Juliet Barker on NPR and I’m anxious to read her new addition of The Brontes: Wild Genius on the Moors.

But first I’m delving into the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I first read One Hundred Years of Solitude in collage when I was desperately in love with this boy and wanted him to think I was well read. But I never finished Love in the Time of Cholera so 15 years later I’m determined.  And to the boy who didn’t return my affections…well, that’s another story. I’m only 3o or so pages in, but I really enjoy his writing and find myself already engrossed in his fantastic details.

The knitted bunnies are starting to multiply in hopes of a shop upload this weekend.


One thought on “Yarn Along

  1. I, too, love historical fiction but haven’t read anything by the Bronte sisters since I left school — studying those books as a teenager turned me off! Better have another look,I think! (visiting from the “Yarn Along” link up)

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