It Was a Four Day Celebration


Daniel’s birthday yesterday was the last day of a four day celebration. We should all be so lucky! In the past year Daniel has become a fan of Star Wars. For the most part I have been spared this new obsession and he watched all the movies at his dad’s house. But on Saturday we took him to the Tech Museum in San Jose for the Star Wars exhibition. He was thrilled and even I thought it was pretty amazing to see the models, costumes, and learn about the technology used in the movies. The kids even had the chance to drive a hovercraft and built their own R2-D2. We all had a great time and that’s a museum we need to visit again.

On Sunday the celebration moved to Tim’s house. I heard it was a great time, ice cream cake and all. Monday was another day off from school so we went up to Sonoma to visit my mom and of course eat some more ice cream. It was a relaxing afternoon spent playing in the plaza and enjoying the spring like weather.  And if that wasn’t enough celebrating, on his actually birthday we went out for pizza and back home for more birthday cake. Daniel had long outgrown his bike (now to be Sarah’s) so his present from us was a new bike. He looks great on it and is stoked at how much faster he can now ride. All in all, we had a wonderful time showering our love onto this amazing kid.










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