Making the Old New Again



I have a sick little girl home with me today. It’s actually quite nice and gives me an excuse to cuddle on the sofa. I made this sweater a few years ago and have loved wearing it, but over time it seems to have expanded in width and shorted in length…not a very attractive. I now look sort of squarish when wearing it. I love the organic cotton yarn and the color is so perfectly spring like, that I’m going to frog and reknit. I’m still thinking about how I will rework it. I definitely need to add a little length and I think the increases after the waist shaping need to be omitted. I probably made the small size before, but considering how it’s grown, I’m going for the x-small. And who doesn’t love to say, “oh why yes, it is an extra small.”

I also happened upon this useful bit of information yesterday. It’s a way of doing a long-tail cast on without needing to calculate or worry about how much of a tail to leave. I can’t believe I never thought of this before. Am I the only knitter out there who has cast on 200+ stitches only to realize the tail was too short? Never again! I love it.

I’m reading the Handfasted Wife this week. It was only 99 cents on my Kindle, so why not? No picture as my Kindle is I think a first generation and held together with tape (hint: my birthday is less than a month away…I’m just saying). It’s basically the events of the Norman conquest of England from the woman’s perspective. I’m enjoying it so far, but the time change has really thrown me for a loop this year so I’m falling asleep within a few minutes of reading. Don’t you hate that?

I’ve linked up with Small Things Yarn Along. Head over to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

2 thoughts on “Making the Old New Again

  1. oh, i am excited to see how it turns out! i’ve never knit a sweater of any type. i’m just so nervous it’ll turn out too small or too big or wonky looking. any pattern suggestions? thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks! I do really love this little tank so I’ll be happy when it actually fits again. I think knitting a sweater for a kid is the best for gaining experience and I’ve had better luck with cardigans for me…I find them more flattering. Take the plunge!

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