I didn’t spend too much time indoors this weekend. Feeling the sun on my skin and a cold beer in my hand while reading in the garden seemed like a better use of my time. I did manage to finish up the March blocks of my quilt and knit a couple of the lace repeats for my sweater.

Those sweet little bunnies have been listed in my Etsy shop. I am so happy with how they’ve turned out. My daughter keeps trying to claim them as her own. Looks like I’ll need to make another one for her Easter basket!

This week I’ll only continue work on the sweater since the sewing machine had to move to make way for Daniel’s new creative obsession – map making. We have been reading the Wings of Fire books. A great series about dragons from different tribes banding together to try to stop a war. I love seeing my children’s creativity and watching them become immersed in their own project.



I’m linking up with Frontier Dreams Keep Calm Craft On and Small Things Yarn Along…both wonderful blogs for finding a bit inspiration.


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