Now, it’s Officially Spring


Meet Glory and Cinders! This is what happens when you take the kids to the feed store to “look” at the baby chicks…you come home with some. Who am I kidding – I really wanted these little ladies, too.

We were there twice today and both times I saw moms debating if getting chickens was the right choice for their families. I’ve been in their shoes. In fact it took me three years of research to take the plunge and last spring when I finally did I instantly knew it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Seriously, chickens? Yes! Hopefully my enthusiasm helped these fellow moms realize what I great thing these chickens could be. So we now have five, and I really should stop or perhaps move to a farm.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “Now, it’s Officially Spring

  1. oh, i’m one of those moms right now. i’ve wanted chickens for over a year, but we live in a neighborhood & our next door neighbors’ dogs are just so barky already. thankfully (for the dogs & for any would-be chickens), neither neighbor keeps the dogs out all day, but i’m concerned about chicken harassment. also, what if they jump the fence & i don’t notice & the dogs come out..? oh, how would i explain that to our kids? have you had experience with other people’s dogs & your chickens? also, there are outside cats around. am i worrying too much? my kids have already picked out names for their chickens. (your girl is too cute, btw. those eyes are amazing!)

    • You should have been at the feed store Friday – we could have had a nice chat! We live in the middle of suburbia but with a pretty decent size yard. The chickens have free range during the day and haven’t had any problems with dogs. We do have a border collie who likes to herd them which can sometimes be an issue, but the girls hold their own! As for the fence. When the chicks realized they could fly they did jump up so I ended up cutting their wing feathers on one wing so they fly more lopsided and can’t clear the 6ft fence. If your kids have already picked out chicken names, next thing to do it get the chicks. They really do add joy to our lives and the eggs are amazing. Let me know what you decide to do.
      P.S. I have both new chicks on my shoulder hiding/sleeping under my hair as I type. It’s truly sweet and very ridiculous!

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