Skirts for Spring


I didn’t do any sewing last week since we were so busy after school with baseball and a chorus performance. But by Sunday afternoon I was itching to do something (you know the feeling, right!). A few weeks ago I scored some really cute fabrics at 50% off. I think I bought four half yard cuts for around $10…enough for four new skirts for Sarah. Not that you really need a pattern for these simple skirts, but when I first started making them, I used the Oliver + S tutorial for the Lazy Days Skirt. It’s super simple. I can finish a skirt in under 30 minutes and that’s with kids running around. I’m going to attempt to save some money and de-stash to make some more skirts this week. And then back to working on my quilt this weekend when I will have a few moments of quiet.

These two are my favorite of the bunch…and my curious chicken wondering what I’m doing out in the garden (my neighbors are probably wondering the same thing).





P.S. A little crazy side note: when I went to measure Sarah’s (aka Skinny Minny) waist, it was 18.5 inches around. That reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara yelling at Mammy to cinch her corset to 18 inches. Can you imagine? Thank goodness for the comfort of yoga pants.

It’s Tuesday so I’m linking up to Keep Calm Craft On.


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