An Ordinary Day

Sometimes I get stuck thinking, “this is it, this is my life?” Or feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything today other than vacuuming up dog hair and driving my kids to and from school. And it’s true, those mundane activities do take up much of my time, as I’m sure they do yours, too. Some days it’s about finding the special moments…the freshly baked bread, the spring flowers, or the sky after the storm…and you realize, “YES! This is my life.”









One thought on “An Ordinary Day

  1. Such a simple but profound truth… Yes, this is your life… And what a wonderful life it is! I use to find myself lost in the wanting of another life. I used to look at all my friends taking fancy vacations, trips to Europe, fancy cars, shopping sprees… and I would think to myself “why don’t I have that”? But I realized quickly that I would rather have what I do have : a sewing machine, big huge gardens, a home that is ours (although it needs a lot of love) and the best crafts and toys for my kids… Lasting things, things that will fuel memories… I’m not saying that I wouldn’t still want to go to Europe one day, but for now, home is where my life is.

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