April Showers…

In our case April showers bring April flowers. It is spring in California after all. We have two very overgrown rose bushes out front and Sarah decided in the rain, that cutting some flowers to bring indoors was the perfect idea. I put the three vases throughout the house and it just freshens things up and at least for me, makes me want to keep the areas a little tidier. The small vase on the left Sarah arranged herself and now has it in her play kitchen. So sweet. I also brought out some of our Easter decorations. I have had these Grimm’s Spiel and Holz figures and holders for many years now and I just love them. This weekend I think we’ll bring in a few branches and start decorating some eggs for an Easter tree.  I’ve been setting aside the eggs from our one chicken who lays white eggs.



Over the weekend I was able to finish the April blocks for my Sisters’ Ten Quilt. I have to say, I was totally frustrated with this block. I think the combination of all those bias half-square triangles (20 of them per block) and my not quite precise scant  1/4″ seam allowance led to a lot huffy breaths and colorful language. I am happy they are done!


I’m linking up with Keep Calm Craft On. Check out what others are working on this week.


3 thoughts on “April Showers…

  1. Love your quilt blocks…those Heather Ross briar rose fabrics are my all time favorite. So glad I’m not the only one using colorful language while sewing….oh well sometimes it is less meditative than hoped for.

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