Now that the days are getting longer my three chickens are back to producing about 2-3 eggs a day and for some reason, they all take Sunday off…as it should be. (As I’m writing, I can hear one chicken clucking up at storm alerting the neighborhood that she has laid an egg).  I’m really the only on in the house who eats eggs on a regular basis. The kids will of course eat them in baked goodies, but not really scrambled, hard boiled, or my favorite, over easy. Ooo, I’m getting hungry. So needless to say I can’t really eat 2 eggs every single day so we have about 3 dozen always rotating through the fridge. I give them to friends and family, but quickly the supply builds. I sound like I’m complaining…I’m not. I absolutely love having this abundance of eggs and it still make me happy to see the kids run out everyday after school (even fighting about it) to  collecting the eggs.  So what better to do with eggs than knit them cozies of course. Everything is better covered in a layer of wool. I just love the soft colors of these egg cozies. I’ve knit up some for our Easter celebration, but I’m going to make a few more for the shop.



Even Tim can’t enough of the eggs and chicks.  This picture of Sarah and him in my bathroom makes me laugh. Sarah was so excited to see her chicks after a weekend at her dad’s and I’d say Tim is more than happy to play with the babies, too. It also makes me remember that our family is not totally broken. It’s just different. The smiles on their faces (and mine behind the camera) let me know that we’re all doing okay. And look at their eyes – same, same.

t and s

This weekend I downloaded Me Before You onto my Kindle. I read this book in record time and literally could not put it down. I finished it up Monday night, staying up late with tears streaming down my face. I still felt slightly traumatized the day after finishing and even today I’m still thinking about the story. It really was a heartbreaking and beautiful book and I recommend it completely.  I’m also happy to see the author has a couple more books for me to read. I like her style and who doesn’t need a good cry now and then?!

me before you

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