In the Kitchen (and some sewing)

We have a big love of muffins in this house. Rather I should say, Sarah and I have a thing for muffins. Daniel will occasionally try one but never asks for another. I think the muffin love started when I was pregnant with Sarah. Around 4 months I had a complete obsession with Krusteaz chocolate chip muffin mix. I would make them at least once a week and probably eat them all myself. I do have a little more self control now, but not much. One of Sarah’s favorite things to make and eat are those same muffins from when she was in utero. But for a while now I’ve really wanted to make a healthier version and I have struck gold a few times, but I still like to try new recipes. So with that in mind, this morning I found these muffins on Pioneer Woman and knew we had to make them…minus the nuts and raisins, and add chocolate chips. They turned out really moist and pretty dense, but in a good way. In a, “I think I only need one muffin right now” kind of way. Sarah and I had a good time baking after school. And she felt like a “super duper big girl” because I let her pour the batter into the muffin tin.




Last Friday was my birthday and while generally I like to not make a fuss, I did feel the love from all my friends and family. My mom had the opportunity to meet Mollie Katzen the week before and presented me with a signed copy of her new cookbook, The Heart of the Plate. I knew instantly I needed to make the Mac, Chili, and Cheese recipe for dinner asap and it was good. I went back for seconds. And even now, just writing about it, my mouth is watering.

mollie katzen



I finished up another block for my quilt this weekend. It turned out perfectly! Don’t you just love it when the corners meet? I always do a little happy dance. I’m all ready to sew the second block but I’m out of thread. How can that be? Oh well, I’ll finish it up later this week. In the meantime I’m linking up with Frontier Dreams for this week’s Keep Calm Craft On.



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