Time for Some Organization

My mind and my fingers have been racing this week, unable to settle on one project. I still haven’t made it to the store to buy white thread for my quilt so all week I’ve been figuring out what to do. I have all these ideas in my head, even some sketched out in a notebook, but when I sit down to work, I freeze up.

Sometimes I think the internet is the culprit. We all know what a time suck it is, but sometimes I feel like it sucks the creativity right out of me too. I might go on-line to just look up a technique or to get a little inspiration and before I know it, I’m looking at something completely off topic, new ideas flood in, and I’m completely overwhelmed and stuck.


And other times I feel overwhelmed by my “creative space” which happens to be all over the house. The majority of my storage is my bedroom which isn’t ideal to stare at while in bed, but I can’t figure out another suitable place in my house. So from time to time (read: most of the time) it’s a corner of chaos where I can’t find what I need, or I forget what I have. Just yesterday I found four packages of sewing machine needles that were still in the bag along with fabric I bought back in the autumn. This weekend my goal is to really sort through the mess. I hope this will help me out when starting a new project. Of course I might just need to hop onto Pinterest for a second to get some ideas…and the vicious cycle starts again!


The other thing hindering my creative pursuits is the fact that the only place I can sew is at the dining room table, which happens to be the only table in the house. Having to pull it out and then put it all back after each day is frustrating and many days I don’t. So the poor kids need to find another place to do their homework or drawings and that just isn’t fair. I really don’t want to put a desk/sewing table in my bedroom, but it might be the best solution to make the house run more smoothly. This will be another project for the weekend. So maybe this is the weekend where I completely redo my bedroom. It’s definitely in need of some spring cleaning and organizing. It also happens to be our big garbage/recycling pick up next week so I guess it’s a sign. I hope by Monday I can brag a little here and show you what I’ve accomplished. Wish me luck!



Amidst the craziness I did indeed get a little sewing in. These cute, scrappy bunnies will be Easter gifts for our cousins. I still need to make one for Sarah so all the girls have an bunny to invite to their tea party. Hope you all have a beautiful, sunny weekend.



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