One Down, One to Go


I have to say I have loved knitting these socks over the past week. They are the perfect sort of mindless knitting one needs at the end of the day or when also trying to focus on the kids. And the colors just make me happy. It’s been a little cooler here lately, so if I can finish them up in the next few days, I can still wear them before the 90s set in.

I sure do wish I had my act together yesterday and brought my knitting with me to Sarah’s doctor appointment. What I thought would be a quick look at her eye for pink eye or something turned into a 3 hour event and multiple doctors. It turns out the itchy scratchy eye she’s been complaining about for the last week is a foreign body embedded in her cornea and it looks like it’s getting infected. Poor girl. I have a bit of mother’s guilt. I really just thought in the beginning it was an eyelash or that she was being a little dramatic (she is a 5 year old girl after all). The eye doctor opted to leave the particle in her eye and put her on a course of antibiotic eye drops for the next two weeks and hope her body will rid it on it’s own. If not, because she’s 5 and not likely to sit still to have it removed, surgery. Ugh. Sarah did a great job and we were all rewarded with a trip to the bakery for cupcakes.

2014-04-23 15.50.40

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2 thoughts on “One Down, One to Go

    • Thank you! We really don’t need another surgery for removing foreign bodies. A few years ago my son had surgery to remove a bean from his ear! She seems to be doing a little better this morning

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