Yellow is the Color of the Day

As promised, because I know you’ve been patiently waiting with bated breath, here are some pictures of my new yellow skirt. Getting my 8 year old to take pictures was really difficult, hence the no head. Probably better anyway since I have wet hair and circles under my eyes from a bad night sleep.



Last night I had the urge for something really tart and lemon-y. I found this recipe for a vegetarian version of avgolemono from The Broccoli Forrest cookbook. My dad is of Greek heritage and used to make the traditional version often, but I haven’t it in at least 16 years. This version is made with brown rice instead of orzo and of course doesn’t have the chicken, but it was still really yummy and the essence of the original is there. I’ll definitely be making it again with a few tweeks here and there.



3 thoughts on “Yellow is the Color of the Day

    • BTW : Saved the picture of your soup and cookbook… we are not strictly vegan, so that is DEFINITELY a must try very soon! Sounds so fresh and summery!

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