It’s a Girl Thing


Sarah and I found a great book at the library last week and she’s been anxious to start a project of her own. She picked out the fabric dress up dolls and has many ideas for different outfits we need to make ranging from pjs to a fancy dress she can wear to the ball. I’m doing all the hand sewing for the doll itself, but she’s picking out the fabric and doing the designs for the clothes.  I’ll of course let her try her hand at sewing, too…pictures of that experience to follow.  There are a bunch of cute projects in this book which I’m going to have to jot down before returning.



And for some big news at our house…Sarah now has her very own makeup (for play of course). I wear makeup only a few days a week, and even then it’s just some powder and mascara. But every time I put it on, she’s there begging for some “lips and cheeks.”  Then the other day I went into the bathroom to find my makeup opened up and everywhere. I figured it was time for her own. I’ve had some apprehension about doing this, but now that I did it, I’ve realized she uses the makeup for transforming into animals for imaginary play. I was worried she would become obsessed with becoming a princess or think she’s only pretty with makeup on.  Nope, she’d rather become a bird or some strange polka dotted creature. Whew…I still have my little girl!




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5 thoughts on “It’s a Girl Thing

  1. So cute… How fast they grow! My little miss always asks for blush when I wear some. Since I use all natural stuff, I don’t mind so much. She feels just like mom. I’ve so pinned this post for that book. I’m thinking those felt dollies might end up being stocking stuffers for a certain little miss this year!

    • There’s no way she could look natural in the colors I bought her – she looks a little deranged! The book is great and I’ve found making the doll clothes sort of addicting. I love a good hand sewing project.

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