Sewing for Summer

I picked up Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing at the library last week and knew I had to make the blouse first. I’ve had this geometric fabric in my stash for a year and thought it would be perfect for this project. I can totally picture wearing this blouse with a pair of white shorts and some strappy sandals…that is if I actually wore shorts and white on my bottom half. I really liked this pattern and finished it up in a few hours. The one issue I had it with was the length. I didn’t even think to measure since I never ever have an problem with something being too short on me. I’m only 5’1″. I had to sew a very narrow hem and even then I think it’s shortish. I will for sure make this again but maybe in a tunic length or even into a dress like this one from Film in the Fridge.

On a side note, Sarah happens to be a much more patient photographer than Daniel and she manages to get my head in the shot. Though she said she was exhausted after take 5 pictures…it is hard work.



I also finished this dress for Sarah and it looks adorable on her. Overall this pattern was super simple except for the 1/4″ elastic in the sleeves – it was so small and finicky. For some reason she’s requested this one in purple and all the way to her feet, too. She clearly has a Sophia I obsession at the moment. I’m hoping to surprise her when she gets back from her dad’s this weekend with new purple gown.





One thought on “Sewing for Summer

  1. Love the new top, am impressed with those sewing skills and think you look like a model in the selfie! You are gorgeous and can definitely wear white shorts!

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