It’s All About the Socks

2014-05-13 10.56.56

For weeks Daniel has been informing me I’m buying him the wrong socks. At first I just rolled my eyes since this kid seriously doesn’t care what he wears as long as it’s comfortable. But then I looked around and knee high brightly colored socks are the thing at his elementary school. So this morning I had my first experience as a mom walking into a store and asking for something I knew nothing about…I felt very uncool and very much a mom. The guy who helped me was super nice and we went through the hundreds of socks to find something in his size. I could only find 2 pairs which was fine since I realize at checkout how expensive they are! These will not end up under the deck or in the mud pit like all his other socks. It’s funny, it feels like a right of passage that Daniel is starting to want to define his own image. I’m sure my mom can relate. I remember when I moved from the little girl to the big girl department and I could finally get that pair of Guess Jeans with the zipper at the ankle. Fingers crossed that I picked out some good colors.


One thought on “It’s All About the Socks

  1. Oh dear! Yeah, we’ve started getting “when I’m bigger, I want a dress like this” from my 3 yo. She already refuses to wear matching socks (because they should be worn unmatched, don’t you know!) and picks her own outfits for preschool in the morning. But we are blessed that she is still okay with hand-me-downs. But the day will come… Universe have mercy!

    Hope you got the cool mom sticker for your purchase!

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