A Quiet Moment


This afternoon the weather cooled down and I had a chance to breathe. I took my knitting, my book, and a beer into the backyard and just enjoyed the moment. Time seems to be going by so quickly and I just want it to slow down. But I know it won’t so I sit, in these quiet moments, and let my thoughts go where they please. Maybe it’s thinking about the kids, maybe it’s reflecting on where I am in my journey, and most definitely it’s watching the chickens run around the yard.  Those few minutes in the yard, enough time to drink the beer and read a few pages, have done wonders for my spirit.

On a side note, I think over the past months or two, it’s safe to say that  I have become a sock knitter. I never understood the draw, but I now have a basic patterned memorized and it’s a quick go-to project when you need to keep your fingers busy. A sock knitter? Who knew.

A day late, but I’m linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along

One thought on “A Quiet Moment

  1. Yes, who knew? That is to say that I know exactly what you mean! It is so satisfying to meditatively knit a sock and end up with such a wonderful functional item.


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