Back on Track


I’ve been struggling the last week or so. Nothing major, just feeling a bit out of sorts. Right before the holiday weekend Henny Penny, the chicken of course, became very ill. She wasn’t eating or drinking, she was barely moving, and her poop was a very alarming color. All of this from my biggest girl…I was very worried and on a constant vigil. By that Saturday I had asked Tim if he would help me put her down. Thankfully he was already on his trip with the kids and by the end of the weekend she had made vast improvements.  I really don’t know what was wrong with her and I expect whatever it is will probably return. She’s still not laying, but she’s eating and running around like normal.



So, illnesses, human or otherwise, always throw me off. Add to that a four day school week and I’m done. I didn’t get anything accomplished and the house was total chaos. Even this weekend while in the car Daniel said last week was the longest of his life. I asked why and he said because he hadn’t gone to his reading teacher all week. I have a feeling his days were just as chaotic as mine, with it being the end of the school year and preparing for open house.

It’s amazing to me how much a little change in our normal routine can effect me and the household in general. I guess it shouldn’t. I am such a creature of habit and a definite homebody so when one of those is off, then so I am. I didn’t feel like taking pictures, blogging, or crafting. It was very strange indeed. So with that week behind us, I spent this weekend reconnecting with the kids and trying to get the house back to what I consider normal. Slowly but surely things are falling back into place and life seems to be getting back on track.


2 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. I feel for you… the general malaise of an off week sure affect us too. We’ve become very sensitive in our home about the “off” feelings… try to address them as quickly as possible, try to figure them out. Sometimes they are identified and dealt with swiftly, sometimes not… It’s hard. And it spreads… like germs… I’m so happy you are all on the mend (humans and chickens, physically and emotionally) and that life feels a bit normal again.

  2. Oh, I know *exactly* what you’ve been going through. I knew I have hard times when there’s chaos, but you helped me realize it’s also when someone’s sick. (Henny Penny, by the way, is beautiful.) Isn’t it amazing how much a messy house – not even dirty, but just plain messy – can be so disheartening!? And then when I’m disheartened, I certainly don’t feel like cleaning – lol. Glad you’re feeling better, & that your lovely hen is better now. Keep us updated with her. Take care!

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