Can Fairies and Gnomes Be Friends?


Sarah’s Fairy Garden has been a big hit. Over the past week she has been adding to it and figuring out more fun things for the fairies to do. Did you know they drive cars? Well, they do. I thought knitting up some little mushrooms would be fitting, but that got me to thinking, “don’t gnomes live in mushrooms?” I’ve always been more partial to the gnome. I blame my dad. For some reason he had this book in his library. It makes very little since as I look back. He was an attorney for Chevron, he only read non-fiction about WWII or the presidents, and he smoked a pipe. So where did this gnome book come from?  After he died, he left his book collection to a good friend and I honestly don’t know what happened to it. But I have some very vivid memories of flipping the pages in this book and giggling with friends as we looked at the illustrations of naked gnomes. I’m not imagining that, am I? I now feel the need to buy this book.



Where was I going with all this…Oh, so I’ve been busy knitting up some mushroom homes. I want to be all inclusive here and make a garden welcoming to the fairies and the gnomes. I even knit a little hat for a peg doll, but Sarah took one look and said it needed wings. So there seems to be a bit of a battle between gnomes and fairies. And that has me thinking if gnomes and fairies actually get along? In our garden I think they will have to for now. But more research is definitely in order.


I’ve linked to Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along.  Go have a peek at what others are busy creating this week.


4 thoughts on “Can Fairies and Gnomes Be Friends?

  1. You absolutely aren’t imagining the naked gnomes. I had this book as a child and somebody recently found a copy second hand which they gave to my daughter. It was that rarest of things..A childhood book which really was as engaging as I remember it!
    I love your little garden. I reckon they’ll get along fine, as long as the gnomes aren’t too earthy.

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