A Day at the Beach


I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was our first weekend of summer vacation…it got off to a rough start with all of us sort of grumpy and not getting along, but ended on a high note. I think it’s going to take a few days (hopefully not weeks) for us to become used to being around each other all day, everyday. On Sunday we headed to the Marin Headlands and Rodeo Beach. It was cool and overcast on the way there, but ended up being a beautiful day. The kids were so excited and ran straight into the ocean. Unbelievably, the water temperature wasn’t as bone chilling cold as it usually can be so the kids played for a couple of hours. And then we headed to the Marine Mammal Center, a wonderful organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases the mammals found along the California coast. I remember taking field trips there as a kid when the seals and sea lions were house in little pools and now it’s a state of art facility that cares for 600-800 animals a year. It’s a wonderful place that does great work. Any locals, I encourage to visit.












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