Dream Fairies


Fairies really have been taking over Sarah’s imagination lately. The other day she accidently pulled down the butterfly mobile above her bed. I was a little sad. We did create it together after all, a few years ago out of watercolored coffee filters and clothespins (sorry no picture). But of course I saw this misfortune as an opportunity to create another mobile. I remember seeing these on Pinterest and thought I could put my own spin on it. While I was busy making yarn pompoms for the fairy dresses, Sarah sorted though some shell to find ones with holes along with some pretty beads and bells to string. I had the vision of many fairies dancing in the breeze, but getting those pompoms on the clothespins was a pain, really. So for now we have three fairies. Perfect for bring sweet dreams to my sweet girl.



(Sorry for the dark/blurry pictures. Sarah’s room is a lovely shade of purple, Benjamin Moore lily lavender to be exact, and doesn’t receive any direct light during the day. Good for sleep, bad for pictures.)

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