The Sewing Queue

Even though the weather is near sweltering, I can’t stay away from my sewing machine for too long. The urge to sew comes at the perfect time since I have a quiet house this weekend while the kids are with their dad. I definitely need to finish start Sarah’s purple birthday dress. This week I finally bought (after 8 years in this house) two red Adirondack chairs for the front porch. They are screaming for some pillows and thought they’d look great with some sort of red, white, and blue fabric. I’m thinking  of making something really simple that Sarah can help me with…maybe even let her go crazy painting the fabric with the glue batik technique and then sewing up some simple pillow covers.  And finally, I happened upon this quilt blockthis morning and feel it’s meant to be.


It is after all the summer solstice tomorrow. I love the color wheel aspect…hope I can dig up enough colored scraps to do it.  Or I might go with all yellows. It all depends on what I can find in the stash. I’ve always wanted to try paper piecing and this block seems like a simple enough one to get the basics. Plus there’s a great tutorial for it. Those three projects should keep me happily entertained for the next few days or weeks. Except for the dress…I must get that done for Thursday’s party. And to keep cool today the kids and I will make this frozen coconut limeade. I have no idea if they’ll like the flavor, but if not, more for me!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Summer Solstice!


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