Beat the Heat…(or at least embrace it)


I knew when I heard the air conditioner click on at 5:30am that we were in for a long, hot day. And somehow I actually convinced myself and the kids that hiking around the mountain near our house would be a good idea. Right? Isn’t it usually cooler in the mountains? So with that thinking in mind, we packed up a bunch a water and headed out. We were out there for about 10 minutes before realizing that was really poor judgment on my part. It was only mid morning and already in the 90s, but we made it this far and we must continue! It actually turned out okay. We took lots of water breaks and managed to still have fun.






By the time we got back home it was 100. What better way to cool off than to fill up the kiddie pool, whip up at batch of this delicious drink, and pretend you’re at the beach? This drink is seriously good and was so easy. Just 3 ingredients (4 counting ice). Just don’t look at the amount of calories and fat in a can of coconut milk because you will drink the whole thing yourself, you won’t want to share.



(This is the look you get for not sharing)


4 thoughts on “Beat the Heat…(or at least embrace it)

  1. So feel you! Got up to 100 here yesterday as well and almost 100 again today with humidity. So muggy… but it was cold for so long! We are blessed enough to have a pool. We’ve spent quite a bit of time in it the last few days. I would take little bits of your AC though (we don’t have any)…

    Here is to sharing this wonderful heat!!!! Have a great week.

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