Finishing What You Start

Are you the type of sewer, knitter, crafter who finishes every project before starting another? I am not. In general I will finish sew a garment before moving on because I can’t imagine where I’d put an unfinished piece with all it’s pins and pattern pieces. But knitting, it’s so easy to let that sweater get pushed to the bottom of the basket, especially when you are knitting out of season and there is no rush. That’s where my two projects this week come from, buried deep down in the yarn baskets. And this time I will finish them. They are the prefect summer tops so I have extra motivation to get it done.

The blue crochet is this pattern I found on Pinterest and started over a year ago.  It shouldn’t take too much longer to finish but I don’t think I have any fabric for it. Horrors! I guess a trip to the fabric store in in order.


The second top is one I knit a few years ago but it never fit right so I’m redoing it. I’m omitting most of the waist shaping and making it in a size smaller. I blogged about it a few months ago, but for whatever reason it just there.


Onto what I’m reading…I have heard of the Outlander series many times over the past few years and knew I eventually wanted to start it. Last month I finally did and let me tell you, I am so hooked. To be honest, and don’t judge, it’s sort of my fantasy come true…getting to travel back in time to 18th century Scotland, France, and who knows where else. Plus it doesn’t hurt that there is what I assume a very attractive Scotsman paramour. Oh, Jamie! It is summer reading at it’s finest and I’m already on book two.

Linking up to KCCO and Yarn Along.


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