The Mountains Are Calling



You know when you play the game, “if you could live anywhere in the world…?” Hands down I would always choose the mountains. I didn’t grow up going on summer vacations to the mountains and I never considered myself a mountain girl until 12 years ago when fate (or rather a series of calculated decisions) brought me to Colorado. I still question our move back to the Bay Area, but at that time in my life it seemed like the right decision (newly married and wanting to be closer to family again). And now, years later, I’m still dreaming and yearning for that lifestyle again. I don’t know if it’s the cards for me anytime soon, but at least I have Lake Tahoe only a few hours away. These mountains and that lake restore me and allow me to feel like I can just be.

We spent a wonderful few days in Lake Tahoe, just me and the kids. It was a pretty busy time, but we managed to find a few spots along the shore where it felt like we were the only ones. And other times we were surrounded by umbrellas, families running around, and almost getting run over by paddle borders and kayaks!  The most amazing thing about the lake this year was the low water level; we are in an extreme drought in much of California. There are always parts of the lake where you can wade pretty far out, but this year was an extreme. Daniel kept swimming out 100 yards or more probably and the water was still only up to his waist. Regardless of that, it was still beautiful. And I have to say it is so nice to just let the kids loose, to play freely with no restrictions. This was the first time I felt like I could really let them go and not worry too much.  I got a few “I’m bored” comments early on from Daniel, but that ended quickly and getting them to leave the lake ended up being the difficult part. Dangling a trip to get ice cream always works.

While I’m more of a lake girl, my kids had the best time at the resort pool. And why wouldn’t they with a waterslide and tons of other kids to play with? Poolside of course lends itself to good reading and people watching so I was happy. But after 5 hours I was ready to go sink my toes in the sand, or rather the rocky shore. All in all it was a great trip and on the way home I found myself telling the kids we can go back in August.

I brought my camera along on the trip but it stayed in the hotel room the whole time. Bringing it along seemed like a hassle and I just really wanted to focus on the moment and being with the kids….so my phone pictures are all I have. Warning: there are a bunch!











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