Coq au Vin

Chicken and wine go hand in hand, it’s a classic. And I’d like to think that the first cook to ever make coq au vin had his first inspiration while tending to his vineyard trying in vain to shoo his flock of chickens away from eating all the fruit. He became so frustrated by this process that he stamped down his foot and said, “fine, you love grapes so much?I’m going to cook you up with wine!” And voila, coq au vin was born.


I have one thriving, invasive, creeping all the way up the oak tree grapevine in my yard. Every year I think it’s going to be it’s last, it looks so pathetic in the winter months, but every summer almost over night realize that it’s gone crazy and is crawling anywhere it can. And I now know when the fruit is ripe thanks to my chickens. They cannot stay away from the vines and I will often look over to find them hopping up to peck at the clusters. Yesterday I found Sarah helping the chickens in their quest. So sweet and quite hilarious to watch a chicken jump for what she so desperately wants.




 If you were in fact expecting a recipe, here’s a link to Julia Child preparing coq au vin and chicken fricassee. Just watch the first few minutes. I love that woman! 


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