Backyard Summer Camp Series – Bubble Science

We are just about half way through summer vacation…and instead of feeling blue and mopey about this sad fact, I’ve decided to throw a backyard summer camp. Now granted it’s just a camp for me and the kids, but we’ll be doing a lot of the classic crafts and activities I remember from my many summers at the YMCA and sleep away camp. I have Pinterest boards dedicated to general crafts, crafts for kids, summer crafts, etc. and now is the time to get off the sofa and go have some fun outside. I’m hoping to post one or two activities per week through the end of summer in hopes of inspiring a summer to remember.

A few weeks ago I found this super cool tutorial for making bubble wands. The science behind these 3 dimensional shaped wands is pretty interesting, but definitely not so much for Sarah. She had fun helping me making the pyramid and cube but then decided she wanted to make her own wand.  We had fun trying out the different wands and seeing the structures inside…the real magic started when Sarah started twirling around with her own wand. Definitely a great activity for a warm summer day.








2 thoughts on “Backyard Summer Camp Series – Bubble Science

  1. How very cool! Definitely pinning this one for a nice warm day as well. I had found a recipe to make your own bubble soap using glycerin to help them hold longer, but can’T for the life of me find glycerin in grocery store baking aisles here. Once I do, your wands will be awesome!

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