Yarn Along


I’m making some good progress on my Oaklet Shawl. I started the lace portion yesterday and so far no major hiccups. There is one little funky part at the beginning of the lace that I’m sure only I would notice if I looked closely enough. I do have a love-hate relationship with knitting lace. I find I just cannot manage it when the kids are around. But when I have a little time to myself I can easily get into the rhythm of the pattern. This pattern is easy enough so I might brave it today while in the yard with the kids. Hope I don’t have to eat my words.


I started reading Charlotte’s Web out loud before bed the other night thinking Sarah was ready for a chapter book. She mostly is and the sweet pictures help. Daniel can’t resist a good story, even if he’s read it many times before. So every night we’ve been gathering in Sarah’s room for a little story time. I make it sound like it’s a quiet, beautiful moment in our family…so far it’s been a lot jealousy and yelling. Sarah wants alone time with me before bed and Daniel just wants her to be quiet so he can hear the story. I can empathize with the emotion from both children and I’m left feeling pretty frustrated. I want them to be able to share a story read out loud, but I understand Sarah’s need for a little mommy-daughter cuddle time. She does still get this after the story is read and Daniel leaves the room. It seems like everything these days turns into an opportunity for sibling rivalry and I’m left not knowing if it’s an issue I should press or leave alone. I have a feeling most of the emotions between my kids has to do with it being summer and that we are literally with each other all of the time. Somehow we’ve fallen out of our summer groove and I need to refocus to help them foster a little more compassion towards one another…or I will slowly go insane. But today is a new day. A clean slate.


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