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I finished up the Oaklet Shawl last week and actually had the opportunity to wear it on a cool Sunday morning in Napa while having lunch with my mom. Who would have thought one could wear wool in August in California? Well I did and I loved the pop of red it gave an otherwise boring outfit. It was fun little shawl to make and has me wondering if I could create my own pattern. I’ve been looking at various blogs and books about the design process. Of course I want to jump right into a complicated shawl construction and lace pattern and I’m realizing I need to take a step back and try my hand at something more simple and on a smaller scale until I really understand the process. I think Sarah’s stuffed animals will be gifted a bunch of my attempts.


Since finishing the Oaklet I have done zero knitting or any crafting for that matter. Saturday night while I was happily enjoying a glass of wine and the new Starz series Outlander, my daughter broke her leg while jumping on a trampoline. Tim had called and texted numerous times, but I didn’t get any of them until later. Talk about mother’s guilt. Poor Sarah has a split from foot all the way up her leg and has to be carried everywhere. It’s been exhausting for everyone. She has an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow morning for a cast and hopefully to find out how long the recovery will take. Meantime I’m trying to keep her occupied with various quiet activities, but she is six and it is summer so it’s been difficult for her.

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