Welcoming the Fairies







I have wanted to make a fairy garden for a few years, especially after seeing all the wonderful creations on The Magic Onions blog. This is the first time Sarah has expressed interest in helping so I thought it was perfect time. I pretty much let her run the show, but I gently steered her towards the flowers that would work best. I wanted to make the fairy house with more natural elements but Sarah was emphatic that it must be purple and sparkly. Again, I shut my mouth and let her choose. Well, of course it turned out adorable but I’m already realizing it’s too small and we must add on. I have another metal tub like the pink one so in the next couple of weeks we’ll build a bridge across to the addition. But for now, I’ll sit back and enjoy this project and the special little moments Sarah and I shared while making it.


I’ve linked up with Frontier Dreams Keep Calm Craft On.


3 thoughts on “Welcoming the Fairies

  1. My kiddos love making fairy gardens, although ours don’t look nearly as pretty as yours! The kids usually dig for rocks sticks and leaves under a big tree in our yard…and there is a lot of mud involved 🙂 But, they are having fun!

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